About The Author

     Jewell Reinhart Coburn, Ph.D., LHD, LLD, (affectionately known as Dr. Julie), award-winning author and experienced in intercultural communication, has established educational programs world-wide. She has fostered networking potential among representatives from education, business, and government, and seeks to advance understanding and cooperation among cultures.

    Dr. Julie has lived in Southeast Asia, East Africa, and Europe. She has worked with youth and adults and contributes actively to advancing the appreciation of values directly related to improving the human condition.

   Dr. Julie is the mother of four young professionals, who, as youngsters, traveled with her the far reaches of the globe, coming to know many new friends, listening to their legends and folktales, and their unique, personal stories.

Jewell Reinhart Coburn Books

North winds, South winds,

East and West winds,

all bring stories of insight

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